I do not have a zero waste kitchen. Basically the paperless kitchen eliminates paper napkins and paper towels.

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A paperless kitchen just makes sense to me. It’s probably because I don’t really like paper towels or napkins. I prefer towels to clean up spills and dry dishes. I prefer the feel of a cloth napkin versus a paper, disposable one. I like the colors of the cloth napkins and the neat stacks of clean towels. And it’s also because I’m cheap and practical. I prefer to save money and not buy disposable products over and over and onver. I would rather save that money for the big purchases, the nice items that I truly love….versus a monthly $20 or more on paper towels & napkins.


There are times that doing extra laundry seems impossible. There are times that the basic running of the house seems impossible. We all have times that we are just getting by, just surviving. New baby. Husband deployed. Heck maybe you’re a single mom [I don’t know how you do it…you just do I guess and I commend you!] Those times though, maybe a paperless kitchen just isn’t possible. Choose sanity over paperless kitchens. And just skip over this post until you’re ready. Don’t let it make you feel bad.

There are times I buy all paper plates & bowls. There are times I try to choose paper towels and paper napkins over my towels [though this one I tend to forget…I just love fabric over paper I guess]. There are times I choose sanity and I cut things out that aren’t necessary so that I can keep the house cleaner, go to bed earlier or spend more time with my kids, husband, God and friends.  When these times come, trust me, I do not feel bad about it. I choose sanity. And you should do whatever works best in your house and for you.

paperless-kitchen-bandana-napkin-ew2-dsc_9644MY FAVORITE PAPERLESS KITCHEN ITEMS

Anytime I look for a new item, I search for the best item…the item that will last the longest, work the best and also is the best deal. I’ve recently found the sweet home [now wire cutter] and I love them!!! I have tried many of their recommendations and NEVER have I been steered wrong! They recommended my favorite kitchen towels from Williams Sonoma. [I recommend a darker color though. I went with my husband’s recommendation and preference of grey and then he used them to wipe up homemade juice…which is just like spaghetti sauce in the realm of easy to remove stains. sigh. I’ll be buying the red next time. Or maybe even black! 🙂 ]



  • Flour Sack Towels
    • Drying hands. Drying dishes. Under baby’s high chair for baby led weaning (if no dog. towel catches mess. shake mess into sink.)
  • Kitchen Towels
    • Drying hands. Drying dishes. Pretty to hang over dishwasher/oven handle.
  • Norwex Microfiber cloths
    • Cleans 97% of my home. Counters. Cabinets. Appliances. [Only requires washing weekly, if that, so saves me TONS of time and effort on laundry.]
  • Barmop Towels
    • I don’t use these much now that I have Norwex Microfiber cloths. These are basically to wipe up a quick spill here or there. I use these if I need a small dry towel [my Norwex microfiber cloth is for cleaning and is usually damp.]
  •  Bandanas
    • cloth napkins.
  • Norwex Body Cloths or Norwex Baby Body Cloths
    • Baby/kid faces and hands after meals. [Better than regular wash cloth because I only need to wash these once every week approx….if that. I hand wash in my sink often with a sprinkle of Norwex detergent.]


  • Have a plan for the dirties. Where will the wet ones hang? Where is the laundry room? Will you have a “wet bag”  under the kitchen counter and then transfer nightly? My laundry room is right off my kitchen so dirty kitchen towel laundry is pretty simple for me.
  • No more disposable dishes? If you’re in the habit of using disposable plates and bowls, [so….I use paper plates and bowls to lighten my load in the kitchen and whenever I go back to real dishes, I have to keep up with my dish routine that much more.] you’ll need to change your dish washing routine in order to keep up with the new amount of dishes! A routine of loading and running the dishwasher every night and unloading it every evening or morning might help. Or hand washing some dishes as you use them.
  • Buy things you like.  If you like your dishes you’ll be more apt to use them.  If you like your towels and napkins, you’ll be more likely to use them. If you’re trying to make this leap and haven’t been able to make it yet…choose materials you like. It will save money in the long run, so save up and buy the ones you enjoy seeing, feeling and using every day.

What are your tips for a paperless kitchen? Or is this just one step too far for you?







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