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I am not a juicing authority. As always with my blog, I am sharing my personal experience and research with you to help make your journey smoother than mine.  If you know more than me, share it! If you have questions, ask them!  If you disagree with me, tell me why!


It seems to be everywhere these days. We all know someone who is affected…or worse, who has died.   But why? What is causing it?  We don’t have any REAL answers but there are tons of ideas and it seems to be coming from everywhere! As I do my research I am slowly starting to change the things in our lives that may be causing or preventing cancers. One step at a time. One thing at a time.  It seems, everywhere I look I see potential cancer! Cleaning chemicals. I use Norwex now to clean and couldn’t be happier. Chemicals in our new furniture and new homes. Plastics. Pesticides. Preservatives. Cosmetics. Foods. Paints. Exhausts. It’s everywhere.  [Working on posts to share with you all that I have learned about soaps, detergents, cosmetics etc. As I find the “perfect” products for my family I will share them with you!]


Back in 2013 when I originally wrote this post…  [This content has been modified from an article that originally appeared on FIToriBlog on February 12, 2013.]… my dad was still alive. He died this year of….cancer. I didn’t like cancer befeore. I really don’t like cancer now.


I’ve done a lot of cancer research. It all started when I came across a documentary on Netflix around 2009 [The Gerson Miracle] that mentioned the Gerson Therapy and it sparked my interest enough for me to keep reading. [If you’re interested, check out these documentaries, all free on Netflix I think,  The Beautiful Truth, Hungry for Change, Dying to have Known, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead & The Gerson Miracle.] It all makes sense to me. Food is medicine. Side note….

In life, I try to go with what makes sense to me. Sometimes I can’t overlook these things. My gut just says it’s the right thing to do. Some things we just don’t know for sure but we know that the risk is high enough that I feel better making a particular decision about our health.

Back to cancer. When I watched these documentaries they struck a cord with me & I wanted to make some changes in our diets. I wanted to juice to get as many veggie nutrients in our body. The Gerson Therapy juicer sounded great to me back then but I knew the cost was in the thousands. And I don’t think they recommend that juicer for preventative care, only if you have cancer. [Next post will have my Buyer’s Guide to Juicing!] If one of us had cancer that cost wouldn’t be an issue. BUT would juicing fit into our lifestyle? Would we actually drink this stuff? How hard is that thing to clean? Would it be worth the cost to our family for prevention right now? I thought about it for years before actually taking the plunge!

Fast forward to a few months ago. I kept feeling like I needed to watch another documentary: Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. [it’s also free on Netflix.]  After I did, I was sold. Sold on juicing. I knew I needed to try it. I still wanted to know what kind of juicer to get. Was there a juicer that would allow me to juice every few days not every day? How bad was the cleanup? How expensive is it to juice? Ugh…and the idea I would have to learn all about juicing. Yuck. But I felt like it was worth it.

It just made sense to me that in order to get the GREENS we need, in the QUANTITIES we need, we would need to juice it. AND, I can’t get my girl to eat as many greens as I would like.  I knew we needed more greens.  I knew we needed to consume more nutrients from fruits and veggies. Enter our juice machine!

I hope this series of blog posts will make your life easier. It was definitely NOT easy getting started juicing….though it’s a breeze now! It’s a super simple process now….just takes max time of an hour every few days. And it’s so worth it!  We enjoy our juice and smoothies and know they are so good for us!

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I urge you to watch some or all of those documentaries. The Fat Sick & Nearly Dead one is great for teaching you how a healthy diet full of nutrients can return an unhealthy body back to a healthy one in a matter of days. The point of juicing is to get the maximum amount of nutrients (which means removing the pulp, hence juice vs eating it) and drinking it w/o food so that it’s digested & absorbed FAST (to get all the nutrients before they break down).

Please remember my philosophy about healthy living….good, better, best. If you can’t do this 100%…the BEST way….and go ALL out…so what! Something is better than nothing! Give it a try! Do better. Do good. You don’t have to do the BEST. You’ll get there. It’s a process. It’s a journey. We have to start somewhere. [More info on absorption and food combining in part 2 of these juice posts when I discuss recipes!]

Bottom lines about why to juice.

  1.  We don’t eat enough greens. [My family, that is…and maybe yours too.] We just don’t. And we won’t anytime soon. Most Americans don’t.
  2. We can’t physically eat enough calories in a day to get the amount of nutrients we need.
  3. The nutrients aren’t digested fast enough when we eat whole foods in order to get the maximum benefit.  [we still need to eat real foods, juicing is just another form of good nutrition]
  4. Raw food is best.


Now, I’m not sold on a fast yet. I’m sure they’re great, but I’m not sure I can do it…with small children who need me…all day long….and all night long.  I also worry about the loss of muscle mass, though I’m getting over that more and more these days as my journey into good health progresses. 🙂  I do believe in cleansing foods to add to your juicing to help cleanse out the toxins!  I will be working on a cleansing juice post to tell you all the ingredients I’m trying as I try them. And, what they’re good for! If you’ve fasted and have a story for me, please tell me! Comment below. Message Me.


At first, I didn’t do smoothies at all. I just made juice and we drank that every morning, throughout the day and in the evening if we wanted something sweet. A cup or two a day for each of us. Then, I made some juice that was a little too green!!! Yuck. How were we going to drink it? I wasn’t throwing it away! SMOOTHIE!!! Mix in some frozen fruit, greek yogurt, protein powder & flaxseed and VOILA! Yuuuuuuuuuum!  Now, I do a combination of both juicing and smoothies. My smoothie base is always my homemade juice. Then, I add in other frozen fruits, greek yogurt, flaxseed,  “natural” protein and a ton of spinach!!!


As I stated above in the “Why Juice?” section, we need as many veggies and fruits as we can get! But, we don’t consume enough, we can’t consume enough and it doesn’t digest fast enough in order to get the maximum nutrients we need. We do still need the fiber in fruits and vegetables…I think.  If you read this book, though, you’ll see that we don’t need Fiber and we’ve been lied to about needing fiber!!  And, I’ve read it’s actually better to EAT your fruits & JUICE your veggies. I’ll add more posts on that as I learn more. But do both!


Yes! Do your own research on this. [My book & documentary list will be the last post on this series!] You can also find it by clicking on the bookSTORE link in the menu here. But, from my research we shouldn’t even eat certain foods if they aren’t organic [grapes being one of them]. The Juicing Bible [my favorite juicing book!] has TONS of info on which fruits/veggies juice well, how to prepare them & if they must be organic. As a family, we are moving toward organic and local for as much as we can. Things with thick skins like oranges we don’t buy organic….yet. Not to say we won’t ever. But for apples, carrots, kale, blueberries, etc. we buy organic. Check out the dirty dozen PLUS list here. [BTW, more posts coming soon on ewg.org’s fantastic info on household cleaners & soaps. I am finding the best out there for us and I will share those with you!]


In the next post I’ll tell you why I invested in a juicer and NOT a smoothie machine/blender first! The next post is my Juicing Buyers Guide!

Check back later this week & next for…


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