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I cloth diaper.

I love it. It’s a little extra work. BUT, it’s so much better for my baby.

[to me. i just have peace of mind with cloth diapers.] It’s less gross [to me. the soggy disposables i’ve used at nighttime gross me out in the morning.] It’s WAY cheaper. It’s cuter. We love cloth diapers.

I don’t really need to tell you about cloth diapering because my BFF has done an excellent job of covering the topic! You can read some of her posts here: Cloth Diapering for the Modern Mom & Cloth Diapering on the Go [we use the GroVia because of this post] & Styleberry Cloth Diaper FAQ. I use different inserts though than the Fuzzi Bunz that come with the diapers. I’ve started using Joey Bunz and Thirsties doublers. I have a heavy wetter so it’s quite an event trying to find the right cloth diaper “recipe.” [UPDATE: Here’s a post on the inserts for nighttime that I use.]

We decided to cloth wipe after just a few weeks cloth diapering. Why?

  1. Because it was actually HARDER to use disposable wipes with cloth diapers. We were in the habit of putting the dirty wipes into the dirty diapers and then we had to get the wipes into the trash or the diaper genie thing & the cloth diapers into the wet bag for the wash. It was a mess. I ended up washing disposable wipes on accident. Yuck. It’s easier to just wash it all.
  2. We used a TON of wipes. With a girl, we wanted to keep ALL of the poo away from her lady parts. So, we used a new wipe for every swipe. 🙂 We were going through wipes like MAD!
  3. It’s also cheaper. Read: going through wipes like mad. 🙂
  4. I don’t like the chemicals in wipes.  The skin absorbs those chemicals through the thin skin of privates so it’s just bad for her. And, the organic and healthier versions I still feel are using unnecessary chemicals in order to preserve those wipes on the shelf for that long.
  5. I also feel like we get much less diaper rash and redness with cloth wipes and if there already is redness from a diaper that sat too long, I feel better about wiping a red booty with a natural, cloth wipe.

I thought about making the wipes myself. But, the ones I bought were great! She uses a surger to make them. I don’t know anyone with a surger. I’m sure you could sew around the edges. But, for me, at the time, it was better to buy a few packs and be done, rather than making them. We Love Them. [My husband does too…surprisingly!] I have Seventh Generation disposable wipes in my car and in the changing table…just in case. But, we use cloth wipes MOST of the time.

So, what all do I need?

  • Cloth wipes [buy them or make them]
  • Large Wipes Container
  • Travel Wipes Containers
  • Baby Bum Drops or another recipe for wipes solution
  • Vinegar
  • Water, microwave & microwave-safe dish
  • Large spray bottle & small spray bottle [if you choose to take dry wipes and wet them for each use!]

Where did you buy or make your cloth wipes?

I bought my wipes on etsy at As You Stitch Baby. I love them. They are thin. One piece of flannel Surged. I liked thin wipes when she was really little [and still do]. Anything thick was really hard to use. And, BF poop is great with thin wipes. I’ve heard of toddler moms who say they love thick wipes SO we’ll see if I change out my wipes when she gets bigger. IF I do, I’ll keep using these to wash faces and hands in the kitchen. And, for baby #2. If #2 is a boy [no we’re not pregnant] he may have his newborn booty wiped with pink wipes. 🙂

What do you use for cloth wipes solution?

I bought the Baby Bum Drops more than four months ago and I have 3/4 of the package left. I use half of what they recommend. I pre-mix these in advance to save on trips to the kitchen. I use the Smart Spin containers and fill them with the solution and take a few up to her nursery at a time. Then, I have them on hand if I run out of wipes and I can refill the wipes container when she’s on the table! [strapped in, of course.] [UPDATE 2016: with Baby #2 I haven’t used a solution. Just water. Wow. How easy!]

Do you pre-soak your wipes or do you use a spray bottle?

I have a spray bottle pre-mixed w/ solution just in case I run out of wet wipes. But, personally I prefer the wet wipes. I don’t wet too wipes many at a time. One large huggies box at a time. I don’t like to give them the chance to mold. I add vinegar so they won’t mold. Just a few Tablespoons per 2 cups approximately will do. I pour a splash in each container before I put the cap on to take to the nursery or before I soak the wipes in the large container.  [UPDATE: no vinegar. no solution. just walk to the sink. wet. squeeze. drop in old wipes container. done.]


So, how do you do it?

I make the wipes solution at one time to save on effort. I use a large pirex and fill it with 2 cups of hot water. Add half the Baby Bum Drop and microwave for a couple minutes. Then, when it’s cool. I stir it up and add it to the Smart Spin container. Add a splash of vinegar [to prevent mold]. And, repeat a few more times. I take these Smart Spin containers with my solution to her nursery so I have them on hand when needed.

Then, when my large wipes container is empty or getting close to empty. I put a new stack of wipes in the container and poor the solution over the sides, and the middles. It’s a quick process when I do it this way. I have my solution pre-mixed for a few weeks.

How do you cloth wipe on-the-go?

Before I leave the house, I pack a bag. Yes, a bag. [I love LLBean Tote Bags!] I have a spitter so half the bag is burp cloths, bibs and a couple changes of clothes. I also take a few diapers. A “wet tote” for dirty diapers. A laundry bag for dirty laundry. Hair bows. Etc. Anyway, before I leave I will fill my small travel wipes container with wet cloth wipes from my big wipes container in the nursery so I know I have fresh wipes. [If I go out a few days that week, I use the same travel container.] I can refill the big wipes container when I get home if needed, since I have a stash of wipes solution handy in the nursery, already made! I take the “old” wipes out if they’ve been sitting in my “on-the-go bag” a few days or a week and I put them right in my FuzziBunz wet bag or right in the washer. [UPDATE 2016: I now use an Alva wet/dry bag. The small/front zipper has wet wipes in it, wet with water. The larger/back zipper compartment is for dirty diapers. I get a new bag with new wipes every 2 days or so when I load the car with diapers and wipes and when I remove the dirty bag to wash.]

Vio-La! It’s really simple. Hope it didn’t sound too complicated. It’s really not.

[This content has been modified from an article that originally appeared on FIToriBlog on January 11, 2012]




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