This may be an unpopular post b/c my favorite brand of diaper is cheap. cheap. cheap. They are made in China. Check on your favorite brand though…it may be also… Charlie Banana

[sold in Target stores] is also made in China.

Drumroll please. I LOVE ALVA BABY DIAPERS!!!!


  • They are $4.79 [no that’s not a typo. seriously. $4.79]
  • They fit like Bum Genius [my previous favorite….ONLY BETTER!]
  • They have additional snaps on each side! [just seems to fit better, imo]
  • They have additional snaps on the front. [for closing a messy diaper or for a tighter fit for a teeny kiddo.]
  • The liners are just great. LOVE them. They fit well in the diaper. Just love them. They are soft. I never felt like Bumgenius liners fit well in their diapers. Just my opinion.
  • Did I mention they are $4.79??!! including the liners!
  • They are snaps. I have a love hate relationship with the Bum Genius velcro!

best cloth diaper brand


      DE-LAMINATION. When I had these with my oldest daughter in 2012 I did NOT follow the care instructions and I had 3 of the 2o de-laminate. Now that I’ve bought another 20 with my youngest daughter, I have not had that issue and I have been following the care instructions. So, I think this was user error. Back in 2012, we had yeast problems with our diapers so I was washing on sanitary. It’s SUPER hot water so I’m pretty sure this is what caused the problem. I have also heard that people have complained to Alva about this and they sent the customer new diapers. This happened pretty quickly after a few washes and I haven’t had anymore occur so it may have been a problem with that lot. I haven’t even tried to contact them.


  • ELASTIC. I’ve had 1 that had elastic shot in the legs after 8 months or so. Again, maybe a fluke.
  • SHIPPING. Warning that shipping takes a while. Like a long while. It’s coming from China…and cheaply. UPDATE: They now have a deal where if you spend $49 they will express ship and the shipping is fast. So this is no longer a concern.
  • LOTS OF DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. The website can actually be confusing and hard to navigate….in my opinion. They have tons of products. We bought only B Series [solid color] diapers the first go round and really loved them. With Baby #2, I bought the Alva double gusset diapers which they call AI2. These are 6.99 so a bit pricier but I really like the double gussets. I’ve also bought a few of the Alva Big Baby Diapers for night time. The jury is still out on these for me.


  • Wet/Dry Bags. I LOVE the Alva wet/dry bags. I use mine on the go as a wet/wet bag I guess. I put reusable wet wipes in the front/smaller pocket and dirty diapers in the large/rear pocket. I love love love these. I’ll do a post on them at some point.
  • Nursing Pads. The Alva Baby reusable/washable nursing pads are much like the FuzziBunz I got years ago but at a fraction of the cost. I love these and they come in a cute bag so I like to give them as gifts to new moms.
  • Diapers. See above.
    • B Series.
    • AI2. Love these the most currently. The best thing about these is that they’re open on both sides so you don’t need to unstuff them!
    • Big Baby

best cloth diaper brand


Let’s do some math…..
Alva Diapers @ 4.79 is $95.80 for a stash of 20 including amazing liners.
Bum Genius Diapers @ 17.99 is $359.80 for a stash of 20 including okay liners.
I could by 75, yes SEVENTY FIVE diapers for the price of 20 Bum Genius.
For me, there are a few ways I look at this…..

  • I can have more diapers at one time, lessening my stress and workload and the stress on the diapers.
  • OR I could save money.
  • OR I could replace them when I have another child and change gender, etc.

I genuinely love the Alva Baby product. It fits better than ANY OTHER DIAPER I have ever tried on my kid. The same may not be true for you! And it’s less stress and pressure with purchasing them. I don’t feel so bad when I think of damaging a $20 diaper!! AHHH! It’s $5….it can be replaced.


I was actually curious about newborn AIO rentals and started searching for them while looking for some new diapers for FITbaby the summer of 2011. Funny thing was…I found some diapers that were just as cheap to BUY as most newborn diapers were to RENT. HUH??!! Enter Alva Baby Newborn Diapers. They are $4.50 including an insert. Can’t beat that. I planned on using these with baby #2 until I discovered a different favorite newborn cloth diapering solution. Will posts soon.


I didn’t compare with Fuzzi Bunz or Charlie Banana, simply because I feel like it’s apples and oranges. They are really so different in fit! Fuzzi Bunz & Charlie Banana are very similar in fit and Bum Genius & Alva Baby are very similar in fit. My kid just didn’t fit into Fuzzi Bunz or Charlie Banana. My kids are too big! So, I’m not sure if there is an Alva Baby Diaper that would fit your kiddo if he/she fits well in FB or CB.


I took all these photos last year and am just now writing this post! If you already have some Bum Genius you can get an idea of the differences hopefully with these photos below….

Alva B series on the left [blue]. Bum Genius on the right [turquoise or blue/green].


FM7C1804 I love the snap placement and the extra snap on each side!


Bum Genius have a special overlap on the back. I have never had a problem with the back of the Alva…in fact it’s one less step when I put on a diaper. I don’t have to remember to spin her around and tuck that in.



You can see that the Alva B series [on top on the left] is actually a bit bigger than the Bum Genius [on top on the right].


More cloth diaper posts to come….

  • Cloth Diapering on the Go.
  • Newborn Cloth Diapering.
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